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The creation of civilization is Brahmanbad. Brahmanbad is guided by intellectualism and culturalism. The origin of human civilization is Himabatkhand of Nepal. The Himabatkhand covers the land of Brahmaputra in east, Hindukush in west, Kailash Mansarobar in north and Ganga River in south. In past, Nepal was greater than what it is today.

This region is the origin of Bedas, Upanishads, Purans and Nitishastra. As the region has been irrigated by Himalaya borne rivers, several saints of different ethnicity have enriched it through spirituality and knowledge. Kasyap Rishi (sage) in Kailash-Mansarobar, Pulatsya Rishi, Biswamitra (Kaushik Rishi ) in shore of Koshi, Bedabyas (Chhetri) in Gorkha, Yagyabalkya in the Kingdom of philosopher king Janak, Gargi (Women), Maitreyi (Women) and Arundhati (the wife of Atri Rishi) were the creators of Bedas. Parashar Rishi and his son Parsu Ram were Chhetries. Besides fame of Balmiki Rishi in Gandak, Bashistha Rishi in Devghat, ‘Ne-muni’ named Rishi in Bagamati and Aakuni Rishi of Kirats is widespread and it is mentioned in Rigbeda. The sage Biswamitra (writer of Bed was Chhetri), The sage Vasista was Besyaputra, The sage Aakuni was Kirati. At present, the Yogi Narahinath is (Chhetri), Swami Prapannacharya is Rai. There were and are many-many Chhetri, Rai, Kirati and others were the creator of Brahmanbad.


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